Saturday, February 28, 2009

| | Vitamin C with Collagen: Laroscorbine Platinum | |

Laroscorbine Platinum(Vit C + Collagen)
Description: 0.65 Vit C + 0.3
5 Collagen/5ml

About Face!

What you need
to know about aging and your skin

What does skin need to look healthy? Youthful?
It needs moisture, nutrients, and most of all,
collagen. Scientists now kno
w that without it,
skin becomes dry, wrinkle
d, furrowed and dull.
Collagen is a primary component of healthy skin ,
yet it is a large molecule that is d
ifficult to deliver through
topical application. Most skin creams only feed the skin
smaller molecules, such as partial p
roteins, hydrolyzed collagen
(smashed up collagen molecules),
vitamins and minerals.
Until now, many people turned to doctors
to restore collagen
with direct injections. Laroscorbine Platinum has 0.35g Collagen
combined with Vitamin C to supplement
your skin’s needs of collagen,
resulting to a more youthful, wrinkle free, healthier and beautiful YOU

Laroscorbine Platinum Improves skin complexion, prevents
skin from wrinkles, moisturizes,skin are firmer, healthier,
and glowing. It also prevents scurvy and sinusitis,
maintains collagen, protects glutathione from beng oxidized,
boost effects of glutathione
(control C control V dari internet)

same x produk kt atas dengan yang aku jual skrg??

bezenyer sket jew,cume produk aku nie jual per botol
bukan per box ye!!

RM80 per botol(beuty saloon 2 3ratus)
wajib 1st mounth amik 2botol(kalau berminat la)
2hd or 3rd mounth just amik 1botol
booking bayar half n dah dapat barang baru bayar lagi
1/2.Tempahan boleh dibuat pada bila2 mase bergantung
kepada stok..



rizz said...

wahhh mcm best jet gtaw pojie skli hikss

ArEzO said...

pojie da tau la rizz..

||| PöJìé PööH ||| said...

wahhhh patot la kakak canteekk skrg!!
rahsia kecantikan yer..